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"Gregers is an artist who continues to excel. The man's got soul!" -


gregers los angeles 2019
Gregers (& 1stM●v3ment)
la2019 gregers
Black New York Gregers Music

Gregers is a Danish Club Soul artist & songwriter. He comes from a background in Jazz, SoulPop and Funk but has always loved the electronic music scene as well. Over the last few years he has released 2 EP’s, several singles, toplines & remixes worldwide. With a constantly growing crowd his music is living strong on streaming services and radios all over the world.

His music has reached 4+ mio. Streams in South Korea and 2+ mio. on Spotify. Gregers was nominated for Best EP & Best Single at the prestigious

Scandinavian Soul Music Awards in Stockholm. His music has been both on Danish National Radio (P3, P4, P6 & P7) and BBC in the UK amongst others.

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